Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Iris drops off the radar

The BBC's headline "Iris Robinson receiving acute psychiatric treatment" means that her status as a non-person has now been confirmed. Mrs Robinson can no longer speak for herself. After all, she might have said something which would be damaging to Mr Robinson's attempt to save his political career, and this was a risk that was not worth taking.

It is better for all the sane parties that the words of the insane are unheard, they may just spoil the party. Iris' dignity is as nothing compared with Peter's salvage operation, so Peter and the DUP are free to comment on her suicide attempt, affair, mental health and anything else which may just give Peter a scrap of hope that he can survive the political heat. Fortunately for Peter, Iris is already widely reviled and so elicits little sympathy. Iris has hurt Peter, so Peter need not worry too much if he now hurts Iris. No one will care. Except Iris. But then that doesn't count because she is mentally ill. Just one more loony, dropping out of sight ...

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