Thursday, 10 January 2013

Merry Winterval

Christmas, with its fixed deadline of December 25th, is such a drag for us creative types. If I had stuck with designing, printing and hand decorating Christmas cards, and ensuring they would be delivered by the Xmas deadline, my total output this year would have been exactly three cards. Hampered slightly by the fact that I managed to bust our home printer early December (I was following HP's instructions for clearing a fault at the time, so I think HP should shoulder most of the blame here), Winterval cards based around the above design and mailed to family and friends are in full swing. So far all the foreign destination ones are posted, and we are well on the way to getting the rest of the family ones crossed off too. Winter doesn't end until the spring equinox around about March 22nd, so the Winterval card production is looking nicely on schedule.

Merry Winterval to all readers of Pogsurf!

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