Tuesday, 26 March 2013

#FtBullies v. the Slymepit

Here's a simple chart to help demonstrate the two sides of the whole blog wars debacle, which is currently raging in the atheist blogosphere.

Here's a couple of questions you might try answering:

1. #FtBullies, despite their aggressive sounding name are obviously the good guys. Which colour denotes good? Yes that's right. Good cowboys always wear white hats, so that is how we know they are the Goodies ('70s BBC tv reference)

2. the Slymepit is smelly and disgusting, like Justicar. Which colour hat do they wear? Yes, that's right stylish black hat, because that is the colour of evil, which they are.

Look in here to see what the grown ups are talking about.

3. touch your finger on the screen and you will notice a slight glowing. This can be where you are on the chart

Children's entrance [not working yet]

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