Monday, 27 October 2008

Atheist meme

I came across an example of an atheist meme, set by what appears to be a devout Christian. Thought it would be worth the challenge.

Jim Jordan's questions in italic bold, my replies indented.

Why are you obsessed with theism?

Good point, I've got to go and fix a broken floorboard. Can't resist your challenge first though.
Regarding God-belief that does no harm to you, why do you oppose it if you do?
I've lost the thread of your question. Can you put this on in English?
Are you atheist or an anti-theist?
Don't you find labelling people a bit tiresome? Try taking people as you find them.
If you had to choose what percentage odds there is that God exists, what % would you pick?
I rarely gamble. Probably about 100% less than you.
Are Christians hypocrites? If so, then do you mean to say that Christianity is false or that hypocrisy is true?
Don't know. You probably know more Christians than I do. Why don't you ask them?
How can anything be "morally bankrupt" in your worldview? How can anything have lasting meaning without God?
Those Christian hypocrites you mentioned are morally bankrupt. I've no idea what "lasting meaning" means, is it why you are so afraid to lose God?
Why do atheists lament "losing their faith"?
Never heard of it, so no idea.
Why do you fret over false Christianities at all, shouldn't you celebrate them?
The ways of an atheist are very mysterious, a bit like God really, only more real.
If a religious belief is false but gives you a sense of fulfilment, why would you abandon it or deny it to anyone?
In my case I'd have to convert to Christianity first then abandon it. This sounds too much like hard work. You can believe what you like, but if you want to be treated as an adult you have to grow up.

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