Monday, 20 October 2008

Poisoned Arrow Crosses the Atlantic

Spotted recently on Iain Dale:
Those nice people at NBC have just emailed me the embed codes for Sarah Palin's appearance on Saturday Night Live last night. Enjoy... [source]
Not particularly offensive, but if you're in the meedja, it's always nice to big up your connections. It prompted one observant reader, Charlie Root, to write:
wow those good people at NBC EMAILED you the embed codes.

I just got them off the SNL website like everyone else...guess you must be REAL important hey? [source]
Provoking this rebuke from Dale:
God I sometimes hate the idiots who waste everybody's time posting comments like that. Why don't you just piss off somewhere else and pollute another blog?

The mentality of wasting your time posting such acenine [sic] rubbish is what gets me. [source]
Just to let Charlie Root know that I for one enjoyed your intervention, and from the vitriolic sentiment it elicited from Dale, it wasn't a waste of anyone's time. Dale says his blog is about "Politics, Gossip, Humour and Commentary" and I can't see how your comment falls outside any of that. For Iain's benefit, the mentality was that of someone who spots a pompous twit and decides to call them out on it.

One tip for Dale: when likening those you disapprove of to an ass, use of a dictionary is appropriate.

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