Sunday, 15 February 2009

Car Crash Watching

"Meanwhile, we can just watch this slow motion car crash continue to happen."
So says gossipologist Iain Dale about LabourList, whilst failing to provide a link because Derek Draper has said that Dale condones racism and won't apologise. Without the link, by what means does Dale think we shall be watching, or is he acknowledging that LabourList is already so well known it needs no introduction. In which case, why not link? Does he want us to watch, or is he suggesting we look away. Who knows, and even more aptly, who cares what Dale thinks?

Personally I would say Draper has done a great job getting "A" list Labour politicians to engage in a UK political blog, and seeking comments from as wide an audience as possible, whilst moderating the inevitable "monstering" that some right wing blogs feel is the correct way to address issues or bloggers of whom they don't approve. It doesn't make me want to vote Labour, or even to change my views on how Labour policies are being implemented, but it is clear that Draper's project is breaking new ground for a political weblog in the UK, and that Dale & Co are sore as hell about it. I've added LabourList to my blog list, if you are serious about bringing politics to the internet it is the way to go, and aren't all those nay-sayers just about as jealous as hell that they couldn't create something similar for themselves.

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