Saturday, 14 February 2009

Two Forty: What a rip-off!

Woke up after tossing and turning in the bed for a while, and noticed the clock showed 02:40. Thought that I should try to get some of my thoughts down on the blog, as a way to bore myself back to sleep. Two people read this blog yesterday, so I fairly sure that Gordon Brown is not a reader. What a bastard, he can't even be bothered to read my blog.

The proper way to number prices in Britain is to keep the pence in multiples of five. £1.99 is just not on, £1.95 is far superior. The reason is quite simple, because for multiples of five, both you and the shopkeeper need only only handle silver. Imagine handing over two nuggetty pound coins, and getting back a single brown penny. How cheated you would feel.

The same goes for £2.40, of course. How much finer it is to demand 2 guineas, 7 shillings and sixpence, ha'penny, than two, thirty nine? My mum used to call the copper coins "black money" and Alison step grand father once told us a story about how he and the other kids in his neighbourhood would chase down the local squire in his horse and trap whilst shouting: "go on! throw us your mouldies!".

Must grab my cup of tea now, will write a little more in a moment.

£2.40 reminded me that our local Woolies lies empty. How do you get hold off one and open it back up? My local branch has been open my entire life, so its silly to think it could never make money again. My best bet is to run it as a small department store, something like Carrefour in France. You could even rip of the name and call it Crossroads.

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