Saturday, 26 November 2011

Spot the Thinker

In a new feature for Pogsurf, we are holding a Spot the Thinker competition. Leave you answers below and you could win a cash prize, in the denomination of your choice.

It costs just 5p (five pence, UK) to enter this competition, but PayPal have refused to take money from an unlicensed, not for profit, no hope of profit, you can't even give it away blog, where the blog owner probably has a criminal record or harbours insane thoughts with malicious intent and no hope of redemption (their words, not mine), so we will just have to work something out. You could send it to your local donkey sanctuary or worse. These are the breaks that life brings, but in the end you just have roll with it, and live with your choices.

The compo~

_______________________ .
Clue:: it works just like the old newspaper 'Spot the Ball' comps. Go and ask your grandfather, he loves to talk about the olden days. I'm sure he'll show you how to mark the correct location with a Biro or sharp pencil, and then send it in with a SAE. That's if he can still remember how to do stuff or he's not dead, poor soul.

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