Friday, 25 November 2011

The un-Dynamic Duo

After a lot of meddling by Richard Bartholomew, Tim Ireland was forced to issue the following statement:

I normally ignore ‘Pogsurf’, aka Martin Wiesner, who uses multiple/false identities to attack his political enemies, and now attacks me because I caught him doing it, but I will happily kick his straw man to bits before going back to ignoring his petty distortions:
To go on and pretend that medication belongs to someone else while including text saying people should be careful of me because they allege I take it (or have sometimes neglected to): THAT is what is damaging and dangerous.

I have to warn silly little Timmy, who is the newly appointed Akela for the 187th Guildford North cub pack, that if he even comes near any of my straw men, I will personally chop his bollocks off. I have never prentended that anyone's medication belongs to anyone else, and if you ever track down Bartholomew's arcane and obscure blog you will find that I actually offer the advice of taking the labels off of medication boxes after they have been used, in order to foil the activities of the despised junk mailers.

Enough of this nonsense, let's get back to some mainstream, proper British blogging.

Note to visitors: 'bollocks' is a slang term for testes or testicles

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