Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Cloakroom Ticket Giveaway

I love stamps!

Whilst out walking with my wife the other Sunday, and we came across a margarine tub full of stamps, so I have decided to become a stamp dealer. In order to further build up my own collection, I would like you to write to me in a hand addressed envelope, containing a return address. I shall endeavour to send by return mail a single cloakroom ticket, I have just 500 to give away.

In return for your kindness at sending me 1 used stamp, I shall become proficient in the following skills:
  1. addressing envelopes
  2. walking to the post office
  3. purchasing the correct return stamp
  4. affixing stamps accurately to the top right-hand corner of an envelope
  5. walking home
There is no specific time limit for applying for this offer, but I would prefer that most of you wrote in before 22.06.2009. I firmly believe that someone in time will be daft enough to offer you money for your raffle ticket, or even offer a prize draw. If no one else comes forward, well I will just have to do it myself. I have deliberately not made my address public, so that adds to your burden. I make no apologies for this strange course of action.