Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Conflict resolution

The Dalia Lama says we should trust in trust. What he means is that by being trusting, we are likely, but not definitely, to engender a reciprocal feeling of trust from our opposer.

Barack Obama's motto is "Yes we can". It has motivated millions of his supporters, so it surely has great effectiveness, but it can also appear trite.

The conflict in Gaza is a long running sore in international diplomacy. Any right thinking person would like to see it come to a peaceful conclusion. I would.

I trust you transcends the "we" of "yes we can". It reminds us that "we" can mean my enemy and I. So my message of peace to all the people caught up in the Gazan crisis is: I trust that we will all see a peaceful resolution to the crisis in Gaza. Don't forget that you and I, we all have a role to play in building trust. Please don't assume that I will make the first move, because our task is far too important for that.

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