Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Liberty fieldwork: effective use of swearing in a social context

I have decided to close down the Guido Fawkes blog because the owners' cowardice offends me. Whilst Paul Staines declares he is a libertarian, this is a long way from his own philosophical position. If he were libertarian in his outlook he would be as keen to preserve my liberty, as I would be for his. Even the most simple interaction with Staines will show he is a guilt ridden coward, who lacks the courage to contribute to the political process.

I am always interested to hear other peoples views, and will of course modify my behaviour should others suggest fine tuning. If you would like to join in these sewerage operations, I suggest a light boiler suit, big boots and rubber gloves. You are likely to get filthy, but you can always contemplate a future hot bath.

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