Monday, 19 January 2009

Ireland v. Milton: Seconds out, round one

News from t'internets: has anyone else noticed that Tim Ireland at Bloggerheads has accused Ann Milton MP of "fraud"? No idea why he should want to be so bold, but one hopes he has the necessary evidence to back up his claim (true, he's always got tons).

PS: I had mentioned elsewhere that I should be able to run a demonstration about 2 new kinds of counting on Tuesday 19th January. Apologies in advance because reality has impinged, and I am now due to go for a long walk in Abbots Langley, with my brother who is recovering from a back operation. We are expecting to investigate the footpaths that go near the intersection of the M1 and the M25 (toot if you go past!). I hope to be able to now do my demonstration on Wednesday instead.

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