Monday, 24 November 2008

Back to plan B

Just in case Tim Ireland is hovering over my shoulder, the first link posted below is not safe for work (NSFW).

I'm a late-comer to 4chan, having only spotted it fairly recently via some comment posters found on the Guido Fawkes blog. I was busily subverting the subverters, when I noticed some friendly humour creeping into some of the comments. I became interested in where other commenters might have sprung from, and so investigated links to other sites. In this way I came across what reputed to be 4chan's most lively channel, /b/.

It's a fascinating place. Posting is always connected to an image. The vast majority of contributors post anonymously. Nudey pictures, photoshopped images, cartoons, all sorts are popular. But what fascinates me is the language. I love the clipped way things are expressed, the slightly anarchic spelling, the repetition of key phrases. It's a great way to learn a new language.

Amongst it all, I like the oft used phrase:
You sir, are and idiot.
It makes a point, but it also gives you a way out, because of course me sir, is and idiot too. (I always used to annoy Guido Fawkes by telling him not to explain jokes, but there I've gone and done it myself.) It reminds me that when filling in surveys that request a job title, brian surgeon can be a witty choice.

I was only mentioning this because I spotted over on Iain Dale's blog that he will "revert to plan B (not that I have one :)". It suggests that he will soon be lost, but he's not that bothered. It's a nice phrase, I like it. As a sort of medal on the top right of this blog I carry the accolade from Iain of "Idiot". My advice is to not use it. There's no way out, your victim cannot answer back, because who listens to the words of an idiot anyway? Say instead say that that idea is idiotic, that is much more precise. You victim is unlikely to be a total idiot, more likely just a tormentor, who japes at your expense. Dale said it only once to me, so it would be well lost in the internet if I didn't hold onto it so closely.

Tim Ireland, I believe has a bigger problem. I made a comment over at Comment is Free today which fortunately now is lost and hidden. But it describes Tim's own use of the word, which is somewhat harder to lose. If you type the name of the particular journalist into Google Images, who I have no particular need or desire to name again, then you will see a picture of Tim looking back insulting the journalist. You did it to teach her a lesson Tim, but you were wrong. It's not a nice image Tim, but I'm afraid it's the one that you should see when you look in the mirror. It's not nice either Tim that you used your "reputation" to encourage others to play the same shitty game. To put it briefly, Tim, you and your shameful gang have just been "pwned" by a sockpuppet.

And to both of you fine Gentlemen I say:
You sirs, are and idiots! And don't do it again ;0)

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