Monday, 24 November 2008

Correction: Error of logic spotted

Apologies to regular readers of "Pogsurf". It has come to our notice that a logical fallacy has crept in via a faulty editorial process. Where the entity "hell" has been mentioned, it should be noted that according to the strict secular ethos of this blog, "hell" cannot be admitted as existing "in reality".

It has been determined by our standards committee that the exclamation that Andrew Gilligan should fry in hell should now be re-interpreted as a friendly piece of joshing, maybe even the suggestion that Andrew would enjoy a relaxing winter break in a warmer climate. Certainly the owners, editors, journalists and staff of Pogsurf in no way wish Mr Gilligan any harm, and would like to publicly associate ourselves with the stunning quality of his work (even though I can't remember reading any of it before).

I'm off out now to buy a copy of the Evening Standard. I think I know now how to spot a troofer from a goofer ...

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