Thursday, 27 November 2008

Disagreeable Idiots

It's easy to see why Donal Blaney is a disagreeable idiot, but for me at least, it is harder to understand why Justin McKeating is.

Blaney puts on a brave face, but in reality he likes to be rude to people and then run away. I don't think it is acceptable to call a young lady a "media whore", and when I told this to Blaney in no uncertain terms, he hid.

On the other hand, McKeating puts on a sardonic face, presumably because he cannot reconcile his feelings about a subject, with the facts in hand. In essence he can't say what is right and what is wrong, because he is scared of making a commitment. He doesn't know what an authoritative voice sounds like, and so places far too much emphasis on psycho-babble. Knowing on which side he stands on in the big sock-puppet debate, he is untroubled by the fact the "sock-puppet" is completely undefined (save for Matt Buck's super cartoon), yet at the centre of a big debate about lying.

Is there any humane way that two disagreeable idiots could be put in a cage together, and forced to fight to the death? I have no idea which one would win, nor even if the fight would ever commence. Others could catalyticaly poke them with long sticks, to see if a reaction is possible. We need to sort out some of these big questions, otherwise we are in danger of disappearing down the very long plughole of sheer boredom.

Two scaredy cats, caged and being provoked by thugs with sticks: this would definitely be more fun than than a bastardisation of the ever popular LOLcats ...

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