Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Purer Than Subversion

Quite a nice shoot there of Andrew Gilligan, a journalist who writes for the Evening Standard. I've pinched the photo, obviously, but I don't think they will mind.

It's hard to know where to start with this one, it seems that there are not enough superlatives to describe this man. I'll start with:

  • Gilligan is truth
  • Gilligan is light
  • Gilligan is knowledge
  • Gilligan is honour
  • Gilligan is dignity
My sincerest congratulations for holding out through the Tory Troll shitstorm. My warmest wishes to you, and yes I did buy your paper yesterday, and I enjoyed your opinions about the state of the built environment in London.

I should have stated an interest right at the start of this post, but as I have always been very much the junior partner, I wanted to get my glowing references in first. I have learnt a lot during our relationship. I think we are all just beginning to understand the difference between blogging and investigative journalism, and I salute your skills as a teacher.

To the choir: I am Kennite.

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