Friday, 28 November 2008

Friday Live Blog

7.00 - Got my bowl of malt wheaties and a nice cup of tea and just waiting for the pips to go ...

7.02 - Malties taste fine, just got the malty/milk/sugar mix exactly right today.

7.06 - Heard two mentions of the word 'Stalinesc' today on Radio 4. I'm sure I used it myself not too long ago. Just checked via Google to discover just 109 hits, so its clearly not a very useful word. Off to read the paper now, so back in a bit.

7.55 - Sorry to be away for so long, was just dropping the editor of Watford Area Arts Forum a line, hoping to secure a place in which to display art in public. Only five minutes to go to the eight o'clock news.

8.09 - just noticed that Lord Mandleson has not arrived yet. Traffic on the M1 must be bad today. Perhaps he's busy in the office shredding documents.

8.11 - FORWARD - ISSUE 12 arrived at 8.01. I'll give you edited highlights when I get the chance.

8.13 - We've just heard that the live link to New York has gone down. Sharon says she is desperately sorry for her fans here in the UK.

8.15 - We are going carry on, even without the lovely Mrs Osbourne. We Brits, we just never give up ...

8.22 - CSIP - E-Bulletin 55 arrived at 8.08. There is a debate on Dizzy discussing "scariness" today.

8.35 - A couple of blips in the previous line, which have now been ironed out. Sorry it's not right to let standards slip, Pogsurf apologises to our normal readers.

8.41 - It's an extraordinary thing to see you very own real-time biographer tapping away over at Bloggerheads. I'm not sure about his writing style, looks more like handwritten notes to me, and I really hope the book has a happy ending. I must take him up on the whole Clarkson thing sometime..

8.55 - "(a pseudonym is often chosen for purposes of anonymity; only in some contexts are they separate concepts)" - this is good from Tim and it reminds me that I was reading recently of an Existentialist philosopher who published mostly under assumed names. I think he was driving home the point that the work will stand the test of time, and this unconnected to the reputation of the author. I am more familiar with the "Luther Blissett" project, having seen the real Luther Blissett play from the 3rd division upwards.

8.59 - Curious thought that it took me being thrown out of Sunlight Cops for Tim to realise that they had already created his dream. His "membership" has been stalled for ages, and I just think it's nowhere near worth the bother. I got thrown out and I really am happy with the Groucho Marx train of thought about membership and clubs. Dali too.

9.47 - Thank you everyone for watching. We are now going to move on to our live studio debate ...

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