Monday, 24 November 2008

How many liberals would it take to thump a racist?

I have been contributing to one or two threads over at Liberal Conspiracy.

Don't worry if you don't go there. On the whole it is an example of lazy thinkers flocking together. Poorly researched, poorly argued for, drippy points clinging together through the oily gloopiness of liberalism. A shitfest of slur and counter-slur (against non-liberals), a smug bundle of non-challenging equal opportunities wimps clinging together too afraid to even take on another liberal in an argument. Boasting about how they will be "taking on" phantom "fascists", which stalk the darker recesses of their brains, but not the streets. Hoping against hope that someone else will come along and do the dirty work which their pretty pink hands are too delicate to touch.

I have enjoyed visiting there because now I know why I can't stand liberals. All I had to go on up until now was the sheafful of drossy Focus leaflets which are crammed through my door (with their collection of GCSE fail bar charts), and the jerks who infest the town hall on election day, who are too frightened to even look you in the eye.

Desperately afraid not to break the law, I expect they have similar fears about breaking wind. I'll complete my rant by showing just one contradictory bleat from a hopeful lamb:
I would not endorse or encourage acts of physical violence against anyone on the BNP members’ list. But frankly if the publication of this list results in these sickos being driven out of politics completely then that would leave me unequivocally delighted.
What are you going to drive them out with then? Feathers? This doughnut brainery has me on the verge of getting my hair shorn, my jeans rolled up and my nicely polished DMs laced up and to personally go out and hunt down a lily-livered champion of democracy. It is only the prospect that having "I Hate Lib Dems" tattooed across my forehead may affect my future employment opportunities that brings me back to reality. Thinking, yes in the face of a chain welding, "Sieg Heilling", grimacing mob of yobbos, I would be a coward too. But at least I know I'm a coward. At least I don't expect my friends to smoother me with smugness and unknown others to fight my battles for me.

Little lambs in a field, aren't they lovely? Little lambs in a political party, aren't they the biggest possible menace our democracy faces?


MatGB said...

Congratulations. You've seen the word 'liberal' in the site name and decided that must mean it's a Liberal Democrat site. It specifically isn't.

I am a Lib Dem. I'm in a minority on the site, which is aimed at trying to (re)build a consensus of those on the liberal and left wing sphere of British politics.

The overwhelming majority of contributors to the site are from the liberal wing of the Labour party, and I know for a fact that the guy you quote is not a Lib Dem—if he were, I'd be contacting the membership department to have them investigate his membership, as he's not a liberal by any sane definition I've encountered.

For far too many people, the (wrong) US usage of the word 'liberal' has become the accepted definition. JS Mill would turn in his grave at many of the self-styled 'liberals' in the English speaking world.

I hope you noticed that the most constructive 'how to beat the BNP' comments in that thread were electoral victories over them as well, they exist, they're a threat, but the way some of the 'left' paint them as the fascist bogeymen under the bed is worrying: I guess they don't like to see what are ostensibly illiberal left-wing policies being put forward by an avowedly racist party.

Ah well. I like the site because many of the contributors aren't lazy thinkers. Some of them are merely misguided or misinformed.

But, y'know, top three UK blog by pretty much every metric I've seen, feel free to ignore it if you want...

Martin said...

Piss off shit for brains, you're barred.