Thursday, 20 November 2008

So It's Mob Rule Then

Liberal Conspiracy has chosen its path.
  • LOLGriffins - yep good fun.
  • Maps and graphics - no problem there.
  • Postcode search? - hmm, you are one click away from a street map of where the buggers live. Er no thanks.
Sunny tells us:
I have no sympathy for fascists. If others want to maintain their principles that’s fine. I’m staying this side of the law but that’s about it.
Sunny makes a tacit admission that he's gone beyond principles and that partisanship has taken over. Oh dear, a liberal who doesn't understand what liberal means. Afraid of the law, but not of dismantling democracy to settle a score. It will all end in tears...


Jennie said...

As an ACTUAL Liberal, as opposed to someone who uses the term in it's American sense, I find it hard to reconcile myself with Sunny's stance on this (and quite a lot of other things) too. But that is why Lib Con is a joint blog: the blog is not Sunny and Sunny is not the blog. There are at least eight of us with editor-fu.

Martin said...

Looks like we'll just have to hang about and wait for evil to triumph then. I'm not quite sure what you mean by editor-fu. I don't have a huge problem with Sunny as such, I saw comments he wrote about this being connected to how his family had been treated in the past. However my understanding is that when you start to cross a line, it is always easier for your friends to pull you back. It looked to me like he was starting a campaign, and I couldn't understand how it fitted with the ethos of the blog.