Monday, 10 June 2013

Abusive e-mail

Pogsurf has one simple rule: no asshats!

Unfortunately asshats do pop in from time to time so we have to learn to deal with them. One recently sent me an e-mail which said:
No. Fuck off and never bother me again.
Clearly this is an abusive e-mail sent from an asshat, or assclown as we call asshats which we find funny. Many blogs will simply doxx people who send abuse. Not Pogsurf. We have higher standards than that. We will pursue whomsoever sent the e-mail day and night, three hundred and sixty five days on a normal year, three hundred and sixty six on a leap, to the four corners of the earth, and until the end of time.

We will not doxx the sender. Alone. We will doxx the sender, the sender's trophy wife, the sender's children, the sender's colleagues at work, the sender's friends and acquaintances, the sender's neighbours, casual acquaintances and anyone who has the slightest connection to the sender.

We will use fair means and foul. We shall seek a terrible revenge until the sender's pulsing heart is torn from the chest cavity and Pogsurf feasts upon the living flesh. If the sender were to lay naked and prone, head shorn and beg for mercy we would laugh with a roaring laugh and cry tears of streaming joy.

This is an amended blog moderation policy which supersedes all previous versions.


funkyderek said...

You are threatening to murder and cannibalise someone for sending you an email. That somewhat weakens your argument against anal rape jokes.

Martin said...

Wrong funkyderek. I am threatening to cannibalise someone who swore at me and then ordered me what to do. I call that bullying.

If I offend anyone who is personally affected by cannibalism, I will apologise. I will ask them if the post should be removed.

funkyderek said...

Which part exactly do you call bullying? The swearing or the demand not to bother him again?
As you're willing to use extremely graphic violent imagery to threaten this person - not to mention his family, friends and acquaintances - it seems unlikely that your sensibilities are so delicate as to be damaged by mere brusqueness. Do you really feel bullied by a curt response to an unsolicited and accusatory email, or are you just using it to advance your agenda (whatever that may be)?
Something that should be obvious is that your threat is neutralised precisely because it's so over the top. Had you simply said you were going to go to the email sender's house and stab him, I would be far more concerned as it's potentially a credible threat.
Similarly, had PZ Myers had a stated policy of anally raping people who disagree, your affected offence would have more credibility. As the threat was "rhetorical" and to be done with a "rusty porcupine" it's in the same category as yours.
I find it impossible to believe that you are as genuinely offended by a faux rape threat as you pretend to be, and yet have no compunctions about threatening murder. More likely, you've got what the kids today call butthurt, because you were banned from PZ's blog or some other tediously trivial reason.

Martin said...

Perhaps you have self-esteem problems and you don't recognise an insult when you see one.

If you don't like my extremely graphic violent imagery you have the choice to go elsewhere. The fact that you hang around here indicates you take too much interest in other peoples business.

My e-mail to him was not accusatory, just polite. I was following an initiative by Atheist Alliance International to take disagreements offline. For that I got abuse from him, and whinges from you.

I don't think you are very familiar with the concept of satire. I don't need you to come here with your concern trolling, thank you very much. The trolls who frequent this blog are much more/less polite.

Please try to re-imagine Myers' anal rape culture as much as you like, but do it elsewhere. Nowhere have I claimed to be offended by anal rape jokes, what gives you that impression? All the people I have contacted are listed on the blog here, take your wonky arguments to them not me, please.

Pah, Yanks, not a fucking ounce of manners amongst the lot of them.