Thursday, 20 June 2013

I have now found the thread on Michael Nuggent's blog which details the worst excesses of the Slymepit. It can be found here, under the title "Examples of ‘nasty pushback’ against some atheist/skeptic feminists on the Internet". The items are numbered 1 to 50. I can find no threats amongst them.

Looking back at "Cataloguing threats" I can see I need to make a correction. The list of publishers of threats should read:

  1. PZ Myers
A table of threats for the #FtBullies v. Slymepit blog war can now be drawn up thus:

Threat Publisher Nym Redaction status
1. PZ Myers Janine redacted
2. PZ Myers J redacted
3. PZ Myers Janine redacted
4. PZ Myers Wowbagger redacted
5. PZ Myers stogoe redacted
6. PZ Myers Blake redacted
7. PZ Myers RickrOll unredacted
8. PZ Myers Ward S. Denker unredacted
9. PZ Myers Janine unredacted
10. PZ Myers Cath the Canberra Cook redacted
11. PZ Myers Jeff Eyges redacted
12. PZ Myers Janine redacted
13. PZ Myers phantomreader42 redacted
14. PZ Myers Shplane unredacted
15. PZ Myers ambullcetus redacted
16. PZ Myers AJ Milne unredacted
17. PZ Myers Janine unredacted

It is a now a very simple step to see that PZ Myers has unashamedly used his position as a blog publisher to enable others to make threats. I think my entire case that Myers is an unworthy recipient of the 2011 award by the IHEU is made, and I shall be e-mailling them shortly.

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