Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cataloguing threats

Greta Christina makes a real world claim which should be possible to verify by examining the evidence:
It expressed the intent to work with “all elements of the secular community,” without any acknowledgement of the “elements” in this community who have been engaging in a persistent campaign of hatred, harassment, abuse, and threats of violence, rape, and death towards feminist women in this movement. 
Without wishing to minimise the suffering of anyone, it must be acknowledged that hatred, harassment and abuse are highly subjective, and so are going to prove much more difficult to catalogue. Threats of violence, rape or death are in themselves much more serious issues, and should in theory be simpler to catalogue.

I propose a template thus. Establish a list of publishers who have allowed threats to be made. I am unsure of who the publisher is at the Slymepit, or whether individual commentators should be identified as publishers, so for the time being the list of publishers is:

  1. Unknown
  2. PZ Myers
  3. ... (add other publishers here)
It has been claimed that a list of Slymepit threats have been published on Michael Nugent's blog, although I have not yet seen this for myself. When this is located I will add the relevant data.

Establish a list of nyms who issue threats. From the #FtBullies side I am going to use the numbered list published at Aratina's "Skepsheik: Liar, Lunatic, or Lord?" post thus:

  1. Janine
  2. J
  3. Janine
  4. Wowbagger
  5. stogoe
  6. Blake
  7. RickrOll
  8. Ward S. Denker
  9. Janine
  10. Cath the Canberra Cook
  11. Jeff Eyges
  12. Janine
  13. phantomreader42
  14. Shplane
  15. ambullcetus
  16. AJ Milne
  17. Janine
  18. ... (add Slymepit and other relevant threats here)
Take the same list of threats, and note if the threat has been redacted:
  1. redacted
  2. redacted
  3. redacted
  4. redacted
  5. redacted
  6. redacted
  7. unredacted
  8. unredacted
  9. unredacted
  10. redacted
  11. redacted
  12. redacted
  13. redacted
  14. unredacted
  15. redacted
  16. unredacted
  17. unredacted
  18. ... (add Slymepit and other redactions here)
Obviously the above is a work in progress, and may appear quite one-sided at this time. Commenters are welcome to link to other published lists of threats and similar material below.


Anonymous said...

interesting!BTW, I think the bulleting board slime pit, is un-edited (they are proud of that). While at Pharyngula and FTB, comments get memory-holed (they are proud of that).

Martin said...

Not quite true Anonymous, I have seen notices in the Slymepit saying that images don't meet the community standards.

Memory hole says it all: what are they hiding?