Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Have you got anything to hide? An exercise in changing one's perspective

Three blokes who know nothing about feminism
Before we start this essay, we all need to do a little warm up exercise, in order to loosen up the brain muscles. Let's call the guy on the left A, the one in the middle B, and the one on the right C. Now let's change our perspective and imagine we are standing behind these three guys. That means as we see them C is now on the left, B is on the right, and A is on the right. Now ask B to stand to the right of C, and then for C and A to swap places. It's fairly obvious that the new order is BCA or CBA, according whether you are standing in front or behind them.

Now we have to ask that instead of this picture being about three men, that the sexes are swapped and the picture is showing three women. Remember where you were last standing and swap from front to back if A is to the left, of back to front if C is in the middle. Simple. Remember where you are standing, because this will be important later on.

Ok, we are ready to begin.


Now that we have shown that it is a simple matter to change perspective, we are ready to start thinking like the opposite sex. Which of the three women above A, B, or C will have the most to say? Which one is questioning another's motives? (This exercise is easier if you image that the thought bubbles have not moved, even though the women in the picture have). Does the hat, which A has now handed to B, suit the new wearer? If so pass it to the women directly to the left, or to the women on the other side if there is no one directly to their left. Which one of these women is most attractive? Which one aspires to be a crane driver?

In order to solve the problem of feminism, we need to put ourselves into another person's shoes. This can be quite painful if the shoes have four inch heals. If you are male and reading this, imagine you are female, and vice-versa for the fairer sex. Those of a neutral gender may like look away now.

Person A probably looks much stronger than person B to most readers (we have backed this up with research), but strength is not a feminine virtue, so this can be disregarded. It is also quite interesting that none of the women pictured are holding a handbag. An alligator skin one would suit the person in the middle (women B if you are not managing to keep up).

It would be quite wrong of me to leave you dazed and confused by this essay. So I am going to ask you to reverse all the previous instructions, and put everything back as it was. Remember to reverse your own sex too, unless you feel more comfortable in your new skin.

Remember that feminism is a movement aimed at breaking down sexual stereo-typing, and to increase opportunities and the dignity of women all around the world. Feminism has no membership list and no elected leaders. Because feminists understand that it is important to respect the lives of girls and women, feminists are also able to empathise with the plight of men and boys. Feminists lead the fight to counter prejudice and bullying everywhere.

Try a new perspective today, or maybe just a cool pair of shades and a matching chiffon scarf. If you don't you'll never know how rich you life can be, even if the heels really are killing you.

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