Sunday, 9 June 2013

Monitoring the monitors

I have been asked by Metalogic42 or to monitor the Slymepit for instances of Slymers harassing FtBers:

Metalogic42's challenge

Since I had made it fairly clear earlier in the thread that I couldn't make head nor tale of the Slymepit, I'm not quite sure how I am expected to monitor them. Also one small detail that hasn't been yet been covered in Michael Nugent's excellent thread is whether people posting things on the internet constitutes a deliberate attempt to harass someone.

Not withstanding my own reservations, I enjoy tackling practical tasks, particularly where they can lead to greater understanding of philosophical concepts, so I agreed to give it a try. In order to protect myself from the charge of spreading harassment, I have decided to take two precautions. One is that I have disabled comments on this thread. Two is that I will only refer to examples of harassment where it is certain that they have already been identified by the victim. To do this I will use the filter of the victim's own hate diary. Three were identified on Nugent's thread, of which two were FtBers. If I become aware of other FtBers who are keeping a public hate diary, I will add them to this post. This will ensure that the person concerned does indeed identify the item concerned is harassment, and that are not made aware of any new harassment via this post.

I have no intention of changing any names, as Metalogic42 suggests, since all my examples (if any) will be already available on the hate diaries.
FtB Hate Diaries
Stephanie Zvan
Ophelia Benson

Instances of harassment by Slymers



Not long after I created this post, Metalogic42 got in touch to tell me I had done it all wrong. Unfortunately he (it's always a he) proved to be certifiably insane and I have had to call for the men in white coats.