Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Another abusive e-mail

Regular readers of Pogsurf will know that we do not treat abusive e-mailers very kindly here. The most recent abusive e-mail comes from David Pollock who is Regional Coordinator, Europe for the International Humanist and Ethical Union. His e-mail address is .

Between 10th and 25th June 2013 I sent a total of five e-mails on the subject of rape jokes and threats made by PZ Myers. Pollock says that the subject I refer to is "a crude but not uncommon trope". Pollock feels he is entitled to comment upon my psychological state, a common silencing tactic, and labels me "obsessive". For the record Mr David "Wanker" Pollock, the correct word is 'tenacious'.

Pollock's malicious communication has been forwarded to Hertfordshire Constabulary. The IHEU have been warned that any further abusive e-mails they send to Pogsurf will be published in full.

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