Friday, 14 June 2013

Definition: Shunning

Shunning is a behaviour where someone is turned away from from some person or some place that they would like to go. There must be at least two parties for shunning to occur.

Don't worry over-much when shunning occurs. The best thing to do is to take some time out, reflect upon your own actions, and query whether your intent was good or bad. Because humans have many prejudices, and often feel guilt or shame from past actions, you may find a range of emotions will occur open discovering you have been shunned. Take a little bit of time to let your emotions settle, and see how you feel about it later.

Don't forget that the people or person who are on the other side of the shunning wall may be feeling strong emotions too. Giving them time to reflect upon their own actions may lead to a more satisfactory resolution of the shunning incident in the long term.

When shunnig occurs, there are three possible outcomes:
  1. You let the matter rest and go someplace else
  2. You feel aggreived and seek sort of redress from the shunner
  3. You come to understand that your own actions were disruptive or wrong 
In time you will come to understand better where you lie on the 123 ladder. Don't forget for any particular incident you may hit any particular rung of the ladder.

When shunning is combined with taint you have bullying.

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