Monday, 24 June 2013

Conference resource

Updated 24 June 2013
The competition is now closed and all panelists have been contacted directly.

Click here to download the answers

If you would like to see how rape culture on a blog can lead to threats to others being treated as normal click here.

Original post (as amended) follows:
I have a resource which I am aiming to distribute to the skeptical, feminist and non-feminist and atheist communities by 29th June 2013, in time for the Empowering Women Through Secularism conference which is being held in Dublin.

Click here to download the resource

If you would like a clue to questions 1 to 3 click here

If you would like to see some background research click here and scroll down to 'Rape culture'

Distribution list

Conference panelists

Other named individuals
  • Christine Shellska 
  • Jeremy Shepperd 
  • Justin Vacula 
  • Sara E. Mayhew 
  • Stuart Bechman 
  • Tim Larmour 
  • Tim Skellett 
  • Victor Franco


  • Ateistisk Selskab
  • Atheism UK
  • Atheist Association of Finland
  • Atheist Foundation of Australia
  • Atheïstisch Verbond
  • BC Humanist Association
  • Centar za građansku hrabrost
  • Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain
  • Free Society Institute
  • Freedom From Religion Foundation
  • Freethought Lebanon
  • Gambia Secular Assembly
  • IBKA-Vorstandssekretariat
  • Iniciativa Atea
  • Malta Humanist Association
  • Minnesota Atheists
  • Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society
  • Progressive Atheists Inc.
If you would like to add more names or organisations to my distribution list please feel free to do so, then comment below, or to get in touch with me personally to let me know.

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