Monday, 10 June 2013

The winner is announced!

The winner* of the Short Quiz for Feminists is hereby announced:


Derek is a concern troll who is new to satire. He can't spot an insult or understand what a swearword is. He likes to stick his nose into other peoples business, particularily he enjoys theorising about what 'agenda'** is being pursued. He doesn't know jack shit about manners, so he tends to wander in and out of other peoples blogs spouting his own foolish nonsense. He can't understand why he doesn't make very good company. He likes to fantasise about anal rape culture, and how he would do it differently.

Derek correctly identified that the three correct answers are:
  1. Professor PZ Myers
  2. Professor PZ Myers
  3. Professor PZ Myers
Derek declined to answer the bonus question, but he is still the winner.

We done Derek! I hope you will feel very welcome around here in future.

*   Actually the first person to respond was a panellist at the Dublin 2013 conference, but they generously offered to put their prize back into the pool.
** Even Derek should know the singular form is agendum.

1 comment:

funkyderek said...

If what you're doing is satire, then yes, it's certainly new to me. It's certainly not like any satire I've encountered before. I'm not sure many of the people you were emailing with your pretend concerns got the joke either.
Is calling me a "concern troll" while you email people pretending to be concerned about an issue satire as well, or are you merely projecting?
As for your fixating on an archaic use of a word while making an elementary grammatical error, I'll generously assume that that too is some form of satire too subtle for my humble abilities.
I have to say I don't get your brand of humour but I'm sure you think you're hilarious. I'll leave you to it.