Thursday, 13 June 2013

Humpty Dumpty is cross

LOOK children, Humpty Dumpty woke up with a sore head to day. That's because he bumped it when he fell off his wall:
So yes, I’m fed up and I’ll be taking stronger action against these trolls and other assholes. But that does not in any way imply that I’m silencing disagreement…but that’s the message the trolls and assholes want to send out, to foment more harassment. [source]
Humpty Dumpty is a biologist, so he should know that all human zygotes start growing from the asshole outward as the embryo starts to develop. There's no shame in being called an asshole because we've all got one and we should try use it ever day. 'Arsehole' is an entirely different matter. You'll get a punch in the face if you say that to someone in little ole Engerland. Best not to go round upsetting people unnecessarily, isn't it?

Over at Scented Nectar we can see that Humpty Dumpty and one of the King's Horses have been busily re-writing history by deleting one or two awkward tweets. That's what people with guilty consciences do, they try to destroy the evidence. Confabulation should only be conducted only by the most skilled of self-anti-autodidoxxers, and then only when the children are asleep.

Children I have got a bit of a surprise for you, Humpty Dumpty has got a new friend! I won't tell you his name yet, just keep your eyes out for new posts on Pogsurf, I'm sure he'll be here soon...

Logicians: if 'fed up' = E and 'stronger action' = SA and 'silencing disagreement' is SD; is it necessarily true that E + SA =/> SD? Please show your workings. As ever a good idea is worth £5.
Ethicists: further to the above, if 'harrassment' = H and 'messaging' = m does  /SD.m = H? Or indeed SD.m = H?

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