Monday, 17 June 2013

Another bully spotted in the wild: BLS Nelson

Pogsurf has spotted another bully out in the wild, this time it's a 'Philosopher'.

Look here where Pogsurf posts as Pogsurf, but BLS (Big Lazy Slob) Nelson replies in the following comment as 'Pog'. For the record, Pogsurf, has many, many friends in real-life (i.e. offline) who refer to him as Pog. Why should it matter if the Slobster uses that particular nym in the short form?

The reason is is that BLS is making a 'calculated insult'. This is a very slight form of insult, but one which the recipient will notice, and one that is very hard* for others to detect. Pogsurf is being bullied by belittling, and ignored in that BLS refuses to address the philosophical content** of Pogsurf' two comments. Philosophy has a strong ethos of tackling the ball and not the player, so this sort of thing should be frowned upon by any owners of a philosophical blog.

What does Pogsurf do when he is bullied? First he gets angry. Then he lets his emotions settle down a bit. Then he gets even. The last time Pogsurf got abused by an idiot, he threatened to feast on the beating heart of the abuser, and to doxx all the abusers' loose acquaintances to family and friends.

Since BLS thinks he is being 'funny' by belittling someone who comments on his blog, Pogsurf intends to complain to the highest power he can in order to deal with the little squirt. More soon when we have a copy of the letter to the Editor of The Philosophers’ Magazine.

Remember: ignoring plus belittling equals bullying.

* The Slobster is creating a false aire of bonhomie.
** No True Sctosman fallacy, Is/ought not being a dichotomy, comments about 'labelling'.

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